Some Links, and Bunnies Theatre

At a recent training session, some of the attendees got a little restless and found the “just for fun” links off the student gateway page. Since I was conducting the training, I didn’t have the luxury of checking the sites out myself, so it was not until today that I finally experienced the 30-Second Bunnies Theatre Library. (Try the James Bond Medley.)

Closer to home, Lorcan Dempsey has written recently about the network reconfiguring the library systems environment.

The Thingology blog has a nice visual post about tag clouds and the concept of “fauxonomy”.

Going back a few weeks, Meredith Farkas wrote about listening to our patrons and actually addressing their concerns, illustrated with a story about Car and Driver magazine.

If you need another diversion, please see my own standby, National Geographic News, for giant squid. Or check out some smart cars.