What to Expect When You’re Expecting an ERM

One of the hardest things I’ve done professionally was to document and transfer to someone else the work of being an e-resources librarian. I knew what I did; I had e-mail and spreadsheets and gray hairs to prove it. But to set it all out for other people, to include the exceptions and asterisks, and to help them make sense of it all – well that’s difficult.

If you have an ERM in your future, whether it’s open source or commercial, then you will be faced with a similar task sooner or later. One of the difficult things about implementing an ERM is that you are confronted with the need to know exactly how you do things, whether you’re happy with how you do things, and probably with the need for some sort of group consensus as well.

In upcoming posts I will discuss in more detail:

  1. Data,
  2. Workflows, and
  3. Interoperability