Day in Life: Thursday 7/30

No update for Wednesday. I stayed home with major sinus pain plus no sleep after our power went out at 9 p.m. and stayed out ALL NIGHT. As in, 9 (nine) hours. 9 p.m. to 6 a.m. On one of the muggiest days of the year. But I’m not bitter. On to Thursday…


Put on a new pot of coffee. Review accumulated mail from Wednesday and answer some. Follow a link to a libraryish news round up one of the libraries puts out and review what’s included this week. Browse a few articles. Follow up on a few miscellaneous items from earlier in the week.

Work on Verde documentation for e-resource staff. I drafted the docs earlier and had left the tough parts for later.  Now the tough parts need to be figured out.  Work on documentation for running a trial and bounce between the doc and Verde as I try to figure out the best way to do things and the best way to write it up.  I’m also thinking through the best way to make all the docs available: on our share drive, via the web, etc.


Download and start reading the OLE Project report while I eat some lunch.  IM with boss about upcoming projects and meetings.

Chat with my assistant, a library school student who’s been doing Verde migration work for the past few months. Today is her last day with us, boo. Compare notes on our respective museum and library classes.

Review slides for Ex Libris URM focus group I’m participating in and write up long-overdue comments.

Meet with training and doc librarian to discuss training program for Verde. Find out that we might be able to do a web tutorial for Verde.  Cool. Also learn lots of useful Aleph acquisitions background info from her.

Send follow up info to training and doc librarian and investigate a couple things related to our meeting.

Decide that I need to get out of the building, rope in assistant (who, bless her, wants to finish what she’s working on) and colleague to go get frozen yogurt.

Back in the office, catch up on and reply to e-mail, wrap up things with my assistant and say goodbye. Head home.

Day in Life: Tuesday 7/28

I’m extending the day in the life meme due to a highly unusual server outage last week, now happily resolved.


Arrive work, boot up, open twhirl, im, calendar, and e-mail. review mail and check a few feeds while eating breakfast. i almost never want breakfast when i get up and usually eat at my desk.

Investigate status of the batch job I started the night before to sync Verde changes with SFX. Things don’t look good. Get coffee. Continue sync investigation, which leads to a friendly discussion with operations support about difference between non-supported hours and a maintenance window and when we can run batch jobs. Restart the batch during supported hours in order to benchmark, and send various related internal communication.

Learn about the process for requesting config table copy from Aleph QA to Aleph production server.  Coordinate with the table owner about requesting the change.  My first Aleph table change!

Start drafting this post.

Update the Verde project plan, now mostly complete!

Start playing a museum studies lecture for the class I’m taking and do some mindless Verde migration cleanup.


Eat lunch while catching up on e-mail messages.  Sometimes I take a full lunch hour, sometimes a shorter break at my desk, sometimes I work while eating.  Today I catch up on e-mail and then IM with friend.

Schedule a meeting with our training and documentation librarian to discuss future Verde training and Aleph acquisitions catch up. Our T&D librarian handles a regular, recurring schedule of Aleph and Cognos (reporting) classes and keeps the related documentation up to date.  She was on maternity leave for much of the Verde implementation, so we need to schedule time for her to learn Verde and figure out what ongoing training we should offer.  She also has an acquisitions and serials background, and since I recently became responsible for related Aleph functions, I’m looking to her to fill me in on some things.

Batch job from the a.m. finally finishes and I review the results.

Attend weekly Aleph team meeting, which includes staff responsible for Aleph support and our other vended software too.

Continue reviewing and acting on the results of the batch sync process until it’s time to go home.