Something old, something new

No, it’s not a wedding; it’s a job change.  In December, I became a systems librarian at the Harvard University Library.  Back to academia for me.  I’ll be working with Aleph and Verde for the foreseeable future – either of which could be old or new, depending on your perspective.  I have never supported Aleph before, at least not Aleph Acquisitions, so that’ll be new for me.  If you’ve been concerned about the lack of posting at Ab’s Blog, fear no more, because I cannot think of anything more inspiring than an ILS Acquisitions client, can you?

So far the job has gone like this: office tour, paperwork, holiday party, snow day, a little work, Christmas Eve half day, vacation until tomorrow, and then, half day employee orientation.

Lest that sound like a cushy schedule to you, let me add that I’m not working in just any old library building – no ma’am.  I’m working in this building, which, for those of you who didn’t follow the link, has achieved gold LEED certification.  Do you know what pressure this puts a new employee under, not to mention an interviewee?  What if I push the wrong button on the toilet and use twice as much water as I need?  Will an alarm go off somewhere?  Why isn’t there a trash can at my desk?  Maybe I’m not supposed to throw away anything at all?  Oh, it’s just an oversight – are you sure it isn’t a test?  I am sure that if I throw my tea bag wrapper in the trash instead of walking to the paper recycling 10 feet away, I will be fired.  I am sure that if I take the elevator without a doctor’s note or arms full of heavy packages, I will be shunned (although the elevator is probably self-powered, come to think of it).

Also, this building is square on the inside, with two stairways like a double helix running up the middle.  If there are any Mawrters reading, think of the maze that was Erdman and you understand.  In trying to locate my boss, I might accidentally wander into the Head Honcho’s office instead.

So you can see it hasn’t all been fun and games and sleeping in. I suppose that with a little time I’ll get used to this whole green building/maze thing.  The Aeron chair will help, as will my new colleagues, who will be models of sustainable behavior, I’m sure.  And around 1 p.m. tomorrow I’ll start to focus on getting Verde up and running, which will leave little time to worry about the fact that I left my desk lamp on while I went off to a meeting.

If I really need a break, there is always The Globe Corner Bookstore downstairs – yes, right in the building! – and that is a temptation I’m not sure I can resist much longer.

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  1. Congratulations on your new job, Ab!
    It’ll be cool to work in a green building: my husband’s building is the first campus center to have gold LEED certification, and it’s full of nifty features. I think you should be encouraged to take the elevator: maybe it’s lubricated with vegetable oil. I just wish my library had automatic sinks.

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