Bookbinding Exhibit at Bryn Mawr

If you are in the Philadelphia area between next Tuesday and June 3rd, may I suggest checking out Bryn Mawr College’s exhibition on bookbinding, curated by the College’s honorary curator of bookbindings, Willman Spawn?

I was lucky enough to work as an intern in Bryn Mawr’s Special Collections department, full of beautiful bindings, and to learn a little from Willman (all, alas, now forgotten). The combination of Bryn Mawr’s collections and Willman’s curation should make for an exhibit not to be missed. The focus of the exhibit is 18th and 19th century bindings, but the Library also has a stellar collection of incunables, which are in the exhibition area, unless things have changed since I was there last.

If you go between March 30th and May 11th, you can see a companion exhibit of contemporary artists’ books in the Canaday lobby.

Details at the BMC website