IT, Free Kittens, and Free Beer

I highly recommend Karen Schneider’s TechSource blog post about IT planning. If only for reading the first couple paragraphs that aptly describe what library IT operations are likely to have on their plates. Next time you see one of your library’s IT professionals, thank them for all their work!

A couple choice quotes:

If idle hands are playthings of the Devil, we’re the epitome of virtue. And this is a fairly calm period.

Find five technologies you like; focus on three; implement one…. The less-is-more approach also introduces newer librarians to the radical concept that a really good idea should be honored with the time, training, tools, and attitude it deserves.

It’s a good post for reminding us that, as fast as things are changing, we still need to plan and that sometimes the things we need to do the most aren’t the sexiest or most exciting.