Ingenta Shares Holdings with Google Scholar

This little note was squeezed into the middle of an All My Eye entry about Ingenta at the Frankfurt Book Fair:

We’ve been working closely with Google for over 2 years now, and the latest development is that we will be making our library holdings data available to Google Scholar’s Library Links program.

The full press release is dated September 25 and I’m surprised I haven’t heard about it before today.

So scholars within an institution’s IP range (on campus or using proxied Scholar links) will get appropriate copy links to Ingenta content without an intermediate OpenURL layer; Ingenta presumably gets its contented highlighted in some way; and Google gets data about library holdings, which it may already have in the case of libraries who participate in the Library Links program. The downside is that the scholar may have no idea why he or she is entitled to the full text, unless the library ponies up for IngentaConnect Premium, which adds branding to the Ingenta site.

It is unclear to me what the user will see for content the library doesn’t license and how the distinction will be made. All in all, an interesting development and one to watch.

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  1. Hi Abigail,

    For content the library doesn’t license, the record will continue to link to IngentaConnect from the article title text. So the typical Scholar record would look like:

    Authors, year – name of primary location website
    Snippet containing search term
    – – – –

    A user in an institution which has uploaded its own holdings to Google Scholar would see that institution’s link text in the field. This would override any Full Text@IngentaConnect links that might otherwise have appeared.

    If the institution has not uploaded its own holdings:
    a) the user will see a Full Text@IngentaConnect link in this field, if their institution has registered a subscription for that article with us
    b) the user will not see this field, if we don’t recognise them as having a subscription for that article.

    In all cases: where the full text is hosted at IngentaConnect, the title link will still be there, and will appear at the end of second line.

    Hope I’ve managed to clarify!
    All the best,


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